Research Interests:
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,
Programming Languages, Symbolic Computation.

Floriana Esposito

Dipartimento di Informatica
Universita' di Bari
Via Orabona 4
70126 Bari - Italy

Tel/Fax: +39 0805443264



Curriculum Vitae


Full Professor


Degree in Electronic Physics from University of Bari, 1970 First Appointment at the University of Bari: 1974


Academic Career: 

1994 Full Professor of Computer Science, Chair of "Knowledge Engineering"

1984 - 1993 Associate Professor of Computer Science. She taught "Theory and Applications of Computing Machines", "Real Time Computing", "Artificial Intelligence".

1974 - 1983 Assistant Professor of System Analysis at the Faculty of Information Science

Currently she is lecturer of the courses "Algorithms and Data Structures", "Knowledge Engineering and Expert Systems" and "Machine Learning" for the Faculty of Computer Science.  Since the foundation (1986), she chairs the LACAM (Laboratory for Knowledge Acquisition and Machine Learning), at the University of Bari, Italy, in the Department of Computer Science.

From 1997 to 2001 she has been the Director of CILA, the Interdepartmental Center for Logic and Applications of the University of Bari and from 1997 to 2002 she has been Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Bari.

At the moment she is the Director of the Department of Computer Science.


Research interests: 

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Programming Languages, Symbolic Computation.

Initially her scientific activity was in the field of numerical models and statistical pattern recognition applied to different fields, from the development of student evaluation models in the design of Computer Assisted Instruction systems to the application of data analysis methodology in medical diagnosis and in the development of epidemiological models. Then her interests moved to the field of Artificial Intelligence, initially related to the development of Intelligent Tutoring Systems and then to the problem of automatic knowledge acquisition for expert system design and development. Since 1986 the research concerns the area of Machine Learning and the logical and algebraic foundations of Artificial Intelligence: more in particular, similarity based learning, the integration of numerical and symbolic methods in learning and classification, the logical foundations of conceptual learning techniques, the revision of logical theories by incremental learning, multistrategy learning for the automatic acquisition and maintenance of  knowledge and discovery in data bases, inductive logic programming.

The LACAM  Lab. (, founded in 1986, includes two full professors, three associate professors, five assistant professors, and many Ph.D. students. LACAM  is/has been one of the nodes of ESPRIT MLNet 7125 e MLNetII 29288 (Machine Learning Network of Excellence), ESPRIT Compunet 72309 (European Network on Computational Logic), IST-10536 KDNET (Knowledge Discovery Network of Excellence) e KDUBIQ (Blueprint for Ubiquitous Knowledge Discovery) EU 6TH  Framework Program, IST-34290 FairsNet (Network of Excellence On-line Solutions for Trade Fairs), IST-37470 EUDNet (Network of Excellence Empowering people to flexibly employ advanced information and communication technology, ESPRIT DELOS1 e IST-507618 DELOS2 (Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries). Moreover, the research group directed by Floriana Esposito has been involved in a strategic research project of the European Science Foundation concerning Learning in Human and Machines and collaborates with several research groups from different countries.

The major application field of the reseach in Machine learning concerns paper document processing focused on Document Analysis and Understanding: sice 1989 the research group coordinated by Floriana Esposito has been involved in the ESPRIT project Intrepid 5203, for the development and the application of INnovative Techniques for REcognition and Processing of Documents. The conceptual indexing and retrieval of digital documents has been one of the topics of CONCERTO Esprit Project 29159 (CONCEptual indexing, querying and ReTrieval Of Digital documents). These topics have been studied in the IST-1999 project COLLATE 20882 (Collaboratory for Annotation, Indexing and Retrieval of Digitized Historical Archive Materials), whose main goal is to design, implement and test a WWW-based collaboratory (collaborative online laboratory) that provides a comfortable environment/interface to support users in their annotation, indexing and retrieval of multi-format, multimedia historical film archive materials. Another research project was SODAS (Esprit Project 20821) concerning the development of symbolic data analysis methods for data mining: this project was successfully terminated in 1998 and has its natural evolution in a project of the V Franework (ASSO IST-2000-25161) devoted to the development of an Analysis System of Symbolic Official data. The LACAM Lab has been/is involved in many european projects (SPIN IST-1999-10536, COGITO IST-1999-13347, FAIRWIS IST-1999-12641, VIKEF VI Framework EU).

Floriana Esposito is author of more than 250 papers which have been published in international journals and Proceedings; she is a member of IEEE Computer Society, AAAI (American Association for Artificial Intelligence), AICA (Italian Association for Information Science and Automatic Computing), IAPR (International Association for Pattern Recognition), AI*IA (Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence). She has been several times in the directorial board of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence and responsable of the national Machine Learning Group. She acts as referee of several scientific journals (Machine Learning, IEEE PAMI Transactions, Fundamenta Informaticae, Journal of Intelligent Data Analysis, etc.) and is in the scientific committees of many international scientific Conferences in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. She co-chaired ICML96, the 13th Int. Conf. on Machine Learning, held in Bari (Italy) on July 1996 and MSL98, the International Conference on Multistrategy Learning held in Desenzano del Garda (Italy), on June 1998. She has been Program Chair of AI*IA 2001, held in Bari on september 2001, program co-chair of the 15th European Conf. On Machine Learning ECML04 in Pisa. Moreover is the Program Chair of the Eighteenth International Conference on Industrial & Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems (IEA/AIE-2005) held in Bari (june 2005) and of the 16th  Int. Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems that will be hold in Bari on september 2006.


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