Research Interests: Man-machine interaction, machine learning and knowledge acquisition. Applications include technical document processing (topographic charts, cadastral maps) and map interpretation. 

Antonietta Lanza 
Assistant Professor 

Dipartimento di Informatica 
Universita' di Bari 
Via Orabona 4 
70126 Bari - Italy  

phone: +39 80 5443265 
fax: +39 80 5443196  





Curriculum Vitae of Antonietta Lanza

Assistant Professor

Degree in Information Science from the University of Bari, Italy, 1978.
First appointment with the University of Bari: July 1984.

From 1978 to 1981 she was fellowship affiliated with the C.S.A.T.A. (Centro Studi di Automazione e Tecnologie Avanzate) in Bari and the Institute of Physics of the University of Bari.
From 1984 up to now she is assistant professor of computer science at the Department  of Informatics, University of Bari, Italy, where she teaches courses for the computers science curriculum.
Initially her research interests were in student modeling and computer-based-instruction with applications of many technologies (CAI, CBT, Hypertext, AI, ITS). At present, her main research activity is in man-machine interaction, machine learning and knowledge acquisition; applications include pre-processing, feature-extraction and interpretation of topographic charts and cadastral maps. She has published several papers on national and international journals and conferences on the above topics.

She is member of the following associations:

AI*IA (Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence); 
IAPR-IC (International Association of Pattern Recognition - Italian Chapter).

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Some relevant publications of the last two years (see Publications of LACAM for the exhaustive list):




Laboratorio di Programmazione

Interazione Uomo-Macchina dal Fisico al Simbolico

Sistemi di Elaborazione dell'Informazione


PS_package is a Windows interface to a C++ implementation of PSS, an algorithm for the segmentation of line drawings.
PSS requires line drawing images in Run Length Encoded format, as described later.
PSS breaks down drawings into particular structures named Primitive Structures (PS).

PS_package contains:
- PSS.exe, the executable code of the PSS implementation;
- *.txt, the library of the sample drawings provided with the package;
- readme, the PostScript file of PS_package User's Guide.

Requirements: Windows 95 on PC.

Installing PS package
To install the distribution package is necessary to download PS_package (zipped file 81,6 KB). The whole content must be stored into a directory named PS_package

Warning: PS-package is free for evaluation, research and educational purposes, but not for commercial purposes. Please acknowledge

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