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Matching is a procedure for the complete computation of all solutions to theta-subsumption between Horn clauses.
Version 0.1 , lun giu 30 16:36:41 CEST 2003

Obtaining the Matching procedure

The Matching procedure is free to use for academic purposes (for commercial use of the system, please see Contact Information). The Matching procedure has been implemented in C language.

For the source code, please contact the authors.



where: The procedure perform the subsumption test between all the clauses in the file ClauseFile and all the examples in the file ExampleFile, also returning all substitutions by which subsumption holds in case of positive outcome.

For other versions, see Contact Information.

Sample Dataset

To test the distribution you can download some testing files: clauses and examples and then type matching(clauses,examples,statistics,1).

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Contact Information

Project Leader
Stefano Ferilli
Nicola Di Mauro Teresa M.A. Basile,
Contact Persons
Stefano Ferilli, Nicola Di Mauro,
Teresa M.A. Basile
   Dipartimento di Informatica
Università degli studi di Bari
Via Orabona,4
70126 Bari
+39 080 5442293 (Stefano Ferilli)
+39 080 5442297 (Nicola Di Mauro, Teresa M.A. Basile)
+39 080 5443196

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