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Welcome to IRCDL 2012

8th Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries

February 9-10, 2012

Department of Computer Science
University of Bari 'Aldo Moro'

IRCDL is a yearly appointment for Italian researchers on Digital Libraries and related topics. This year the focus of IRCDL is on legacy and cultural heritage material. Indeed, Digital Library Systems are getting more and more mature and largely deployed. Not only they have to ensure users effective and personalized access to information but it is also now time to face the need for smoothly processing and including in the DL repositories the available legacy and cultural heritage documents, in addition to born-digital ones. This calls for the ability to deal with compound objects in different media, to provide uniform solutions and methodologies across different cultural heritage institutions, and to take into account preservation, restoration, and curation. The IRCDL conferences have been launched and initially sponsored by DELOS, an EU FP6 Network of Excellence on digital libraries ( together with the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padua. Over the years IRCDL has become a self-sustainable event sponsored and supported by the Italian Digital Library Research Community.

Relevant topics for IRCDL 2012 include but are not limited to:
  • Legacy Documents and Cultural Heritage
  • Systems Interoperability and Data Integration
  • Formal and methodological foundations of DLs
  • Semantic Web and Linked Data for DLs
  • Multilingual Information Access
  • DL Infrastructures
  • Metadata Creation and Management
  • Search Engines for Digital Library Systems
  • Evaluation and Log Data
  • Handling Audio/Visual and Non-traditional Objects
  • User Interfaces and Visualization
  • DL quality
  • Policies and copyright issues in DLs
  • Scientific data curation, citation and scholarly publication
  • User behavior and modeling
  • Preservation and curation