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IRCDL 2012

8th Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries


9 February Thursday

13.45-14.00:  Opening

14.00-16.00:  Session I
  • 14:00-14:20 Supporting Tabular Data Characterization in a Large Scale Data Infrastructure by Lexical Matching Techniques. Leonardo Candela, Gianpaolo Coro and Pasquale Pagano
  • 14:20-14:40 The Creation of the European Film Gateway: Achieving Interoperability and Data Quality. Michele Artini, Alessia Bardi, Federico Biagini, Franca Debole, Sandro La Bruzzo, Paolo Manghi, Marko Mikulicic, Pasquale Savino and Franco Zoppi
  • 14:40-15:00 Annotating digital libraries and electronic editions in a collaborative and semantic perspective. Francesca Tomasi, Michele Barbera, Federico Meschini and Christian Morbidoni
  • 15:00-15:20 Empowering Archives Through Annotations. Nicola Ferro and Gianmaria Silvello
  • 15:20-15:40 Metadata Inference for Description Authoring in a Document Composition Environment. Tsuyoshi Sugibuchi, Anh Tuan Ly and Nicolas Spyratos
  • 15:40-16:00 Mediaeval Legal Manuscripts Multi-layer Digital Library. Monica Palmirani and Luca Cervone

16.00-16.30:  Coffee break

16.30-19.10:  Session II
  • 16:30-16:50 Extracting keyphrases from Web pages. Felice Ferrara and Carlo Tasso
  • 16:50-17:10 Learning to Recognize Critical Cells in Document Tables. Nicola Di Mauro, Stefano Ferilli and Floriana Esposito
  • 17:10-17:30 Document Image Understanding through Iterative Transductive Learning. Michelangelo Ceci, Corrado Loglisci, Lucrezia Macchia, Donato Malerba and Luciano Quercia
  • 17:30-17:50 A Domain Based Approach to Information Retrieval in Digital Libraries. Fulvio Rotella, Stefano Ferilli and Fabio Leuzzi
  • 17:50-18:10 Uncertain (Multi)graphs for Personalization Services in Digital Libraries. Claudio Taranto, Nicola Di Mauro and Floriana Esposito
  • 18:10-18:30 Improving online access to archival data. Vittore Casarosa, Carlo Meghini and Stanislava Gardasevic
  • 18:30-18:50 Quick and easy implementation of approximate similarity search with Lucene. Giuseppe Amato, Paolo Bolettieri, Claudio Gennaro and Fausto Rabitti
  • 18:50-19:10 Establishing a Digital Library in wide-ranging University's context. The Sapienza Digital Library experience. Angela Di Iorio, Marco Schaerf and Matteo Bertazzo

10 February Friday

09.00-10.00: Invited Talk

10.00-11.00:  Session III
  • 10:00-10:20 Digital curator' education: professional identity vs. convergence of LAM (Libraries, Archives, Museums). Anna Maria Tammaro, Melody Madrid and Vittore Casarosa
  • 10:20-10:40 Deriving value from advocacy: skills and competencies of the new librarians. Federica Marangio
  • 10:40-11:00 Multiple questions prompted by the launching of an international, multilingual and cooperative digital library specialized in Cultural Heritage. Raphaele Mouren and Raphaële Mouren

11.00-11.30:  Coffee break

11.30-13.00:  Panel - Esperienze e prospettive nella gestione digitale per la salvaguardia del patrimonio culturale
  • Maristella Agosti - Introduzione
  • Dino Buzzetti - Semantic Technologies and Information Management: A Cardinal Role for Digital Humanities?
  • Onofrio Erriquez - Il progetto ArchiMEDE per un Archivio di Monografie d'Epoca Digitalizzate Elettronicamente
  • Nicola Barbuti - Alcune riflessioni sulla conservazione delle basi di dati digitali di beni culturali

13.00-14.30:  Lunch

14.30-16.30:  Session IV
  • 14:30-14:50 Can a Digital Archive System Developed for Researchers Be Extended to Non-domain Users? Maristella Agosti, Lucio Benfante and Nicola Orio
  • 14:50-15:10 Engaging the User: Elaboration and Execution of Trials with a Database of Illuminated Images. Chiara Ponchia
  • 15:10-15:30 Modeling Archives by means of OAI-ORE. Nicola Ferro and Gianmaria Silvello
  • 15:30-15:50 Reflecting on the Europeana Data Model. Silvio Peroni, Francesca Tomasi and Fabio Vitali
  • 15:50-16:10 The Europeana Linked Open Data Pilot Server. Nicola Aloia, Cesare Concordia and Carlo Meghini
  • 16:10-16:30 Managing authenticity through the digital object lifecycle. Maria Guercio and Silvio Salza

16.30-16.45:  Coffee break

16.45-17.25:  Session V
  • 16:45-17:05 An innovative Character Recognition for old Book and archival Materials: A Segmentation and Self-Learning based Approach. Nicola Barbuti and Tommaso Caldarola
  • 17:05-17:25 Discovering Knowledge through Multi-modal Association Rules Mining for Document Image Analysis. Corrado Loglisci, Lynn Rudd, Maria Teresa D'Aprile and Michelangelo Ceci

17.25-17.40:  Closing