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Research Interests:

  • Information Visualization
  • Virtual Reality
  • Facial and Body animation
  • VRML and Java
Aldo Paradiso
PhD Student

 Dipartimento di Informatica
Universita' di Bari
Via E. Orabona, 4
70126 Bari - Italy
fax: +39 80 5443300

Dolivostr, 15 
64293- Darmstadt - Germany
phone: +49  6151 869 843 
fax: +49  6151 869 8418

Curriculum Vitae of Aldo Paradiso

Position: PhD student at the GMD-IPSI, Darmstadt - Germany


Degree in Computer Science (Scienze dell'Informazione) from the University of Bari (Universita' degli studi di Bari), Italy, 1996.

PhD student at the GMD-IPSI Institute, Darmstadt, Germany.

Research interests: Information visualization, GUIs, facial and body animation using VR approaches.

From October 1996 he is PhD student at the GMD-IPSI Institute, Darmstadt, Germany.  He is member of the research group MOBILE (Mobile interactive media)
PhD research: Cartoon-based facial and body animation with voice synchronisation.

From 1997 he has been collaborating with the Machine Learning Group of the University of Bari, Italy.

He has guided and developed the Tinky project, on behalf of GMD-IPSI, committed by the Deutsche-Telekom/Berkom Company.
 He has been the ideator and the main writer of the IST ' FAIRWIS project, which is currently being formalised. He is the GMD's scientifical responsible of the project, which will start on January, 2000. 

 From November 1999 he is in charge at IPSI Institute for the development of a Java-based animated agent, to be included within the german INVITE project framework.
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Fries, G., Paradiso, A., Nack, F., Schuhmacher, K. (1999)
A Tool for Designing MPEG-4 compliant Expressions and Animations on VRML Cartoon-Faces
in: Proceedings of AVSP Conference, August 7-9 1999, Santa Cruz (CA - USA).

Paradiso, A., Nack, F., Fries G., Schuhmacher, K. (1999)
The Design of Expressive Cartoons for the Web - Tinky
in: Proceedings of ICMCS Conference, June 7-11 1999, Florence (Italy).


M.F. Costabile, D. Malerba, Hemmje, M., Paradiso, A. (1998)
Building Metaphors for Supporting User Interaction for Multimedia Databases
in: Proceedings of VDB4 Conference, May 27-29 1998, L'Aquila (Italy).


Paradiso, A., Hemmje, M. (1997)
A Refinement of the Virgilio System's Design and a Prototypical Architecture
GMD-Arbeitspapiere September 1997, GMD - Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik, Sankt Augustin


Massari, A., Saladini, L., Hemmje, M., Paradiso, A., L'Abbate, M. (1996)
VIRGILIO: Virtual Reality Scenes Generation for Large and Structured Data Objects
Demo Presentation Paper presented in SIGIR96, Aug. 1996.

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