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Research interests:
Analysis and synthesis of algorithms for inductive inference: classification and model trees. Applications include Knowledge Discovery in Databases and Data Mining, (multi-)Relational Data Mining, Map Interpretation and Spatial Data Mining, Data Mining Query Language.

Annalisa Appice
PhD student

Dipartimento di Informatica 
Universitą degli Studi di Bari 
Via Orabona 4 
70126 Bari - Italy  

phone: +39 080 5442296 
fax: +39 080 5443196  




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Nationality: Italian



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Chapters in International Volumes

Papers in International Journals

·         D. Malerba, F. Esposito, F.A. Lisi, & A. Appice.
 Mining Spatial Association Rules in Census Data.
Research in Official Statistics, 2002, 5, 1, 19-44.

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KDB2000: A KDD support system

ARES: association rule extractor from spatial data

 SONN: a symbolic object K-NN classifier


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